Cat Cai

Ireland Bound

I seem to only be good at keeping up with this thing whenever I go through a major life shift. Lots of things have changed: I’ve left my role at Fair, I’m more than halfway done with the OMSCS program, and I’ve upped and moved to Dublin, Ireland.

Wait What? Ireland?

Yes, Ireland!


A variety of reasons:

Will You Return to the US?

I’m sure I will at some point. My friends and family are all out there and I’m going to miss them. (Though I think if the political situation remains as bad as it currently is in the US, most of my friends will probably also relocate to Europe…)

So Why Are You Writing About This?

Even though I only landed in Dublin two days ago, my partner and I have had to do a significant amount of prep work in the last two months in order to make this transition. I plan on writing about the expat experience (of the boring things like taxes, setting up bank accounts, etc.) so that hopefully others who want to follow suit can do so without the amount of digging I had to do get set up financially.